Video games on Netflix, here’s how to download mobile games

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Video games have been on for a few days Netflix. The giant of TV series and streaming movies has begun to offer its subscribers some videogame to play on your smartphone. They are included in the subscribed offer, that is, in your subscription depending on the plan you pay for, and at the moment there is nothing else to add. They also do not include advertisements or interruptions.

The problem is that, due to the rules of the app stores – both Google, Play Store, that of Apple, App Store – these titles go individually downloaded from the dedicated section of the Netflix application. At the time of clicking on Get game, in fact, a link opens that leads to the App Store where the title in question is proposed as autonomous application. After that, following the download, the game can however be launched from the same card inside the application. But of course, this is an app stand alone, we will also find it among the latest downloads and we can also launch it on our own, without going through Netflix.

This is one of the many limits imposed on third-party applications by the technological giants: they prevent them from proposing platforms that collect other games within them. For both a commercial and a speech verify of what the user can have access to through the App Store: there are problems of this kind even with platforms of a completely different level, populated by hundreds of games, such as Xbox Cloud Gaming, Nvidia GeForce Now and Google Stadia .

There are currently five video games on Netflix. They are called Stranger Things: 1984, Stranger Things 3: The Game, Shooting Hoops, Card Blast e Teeter Up. They are not reachable within the profiles of the children. In the first one, in full pixilated style typical of an 80’s cabinet, we launch into the adventures of the boys of the mysterious Hawkins together with agent Hopper. As well as in the second, where you can choose one of the twelve characters of the third season of the series, to which it is specifically dedicated. On Teeter UpInstead, we move away from the world of the powerful television brand and relax: the aim is in fact to insert a ball into a series of holes by moving the platform on which it is suspended while Shooting Hoops it’s a sort of sui generis basketball. In reality, the fifth title cannot be downloaded on the iOS application at the moment Card Blast.

On Android, their downloading takes place with the same principle (we often forget to specify it but it is not only Apple that imposes certain conditions of use to developers and third-party apps): even in that case the titles are in fact downloaded as autonomous applications . This mode makes everything more cumbersome and, in fact, reduces the impact of a similar initiative. Net of the various steps, however, that of the group led by Reed Hastings is a significant experiment: smartphone games collect half of the pie of the total expenditure of 2.7 billion players around the world. A cake that will be worth in 2023 about 200 billion dollars and already today it moves 176. Only in Italy, this year, the market has moved almost two billion euros.

If it is true that mobile gaming is an extremely rich area of ​​proposals, well beyond the limits of overcrowding, it is equally true that Netflix has a very powerful showcase – it flies to 400 million subscribers worldwide – and a certain number of TV series and films that lend themselves well to adaptations in a gaming key. On these just Stranger Things of which the teaser of the fourth season has just been published, arriving next summer (or perhaps, according to some given the themes it deals with, in spring).


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