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Video: gym students exchange punches after alleged debauchery; look

Two students from a gym in the center of Belo Horizonte were involved in a fight last Monday (24). According to the police report, the confusion began after one of the people involved mocked the other while performing a weight training exercise.

The moment that was recorded by other gym goers went viral on social media.

See the video:

In the images, it is possible two men, one in a black t-shirt and the other in blue clothes, exchanging punches. Other people, including gym employees, try to break up the fight.

One of those involved in the fight and a representative from the gym filed a police report. The police were told that the two students met at the location some time ago and that they had not spoken to each other because of a previous disagreement.

Still in the record, one of those involved stated that, shortly before the confusion, he noticed that the other man was watching him and mocking him while he was performing the exercises, which started the fight.

The individual suspected of starting the altercation fled the scene. The other man also involved in the confusion suffered a slight injury to his face, but refused medical attention. The gym representative said there was no damage to the unit’s equipment.

Wanted by CNN an employee at the academy informed that the company’s legal department will issue an official note on the case.

Watch another video of the confusion:

Source: CNN Brasil

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