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Video: influencer is arrested after climbing almost 30 floors of a building in Argentina

A Polish influencer was arrested this Tuesday afternoon (11), after climbing and almost reaching the top, without safety equipment, of a 30-story building in Retiro, in an area with several business buildings near the port of Buenos Aires. .

The man, identified as Marcin Banot, climbed the building using an iron structure on the facade, which had to be broken at the height of the 25th floor to complete the rescue. Members of the Argentine capital’s fire department rappelled down the terrace to intercept him and prevent him from continuing to climb.

The influencer had a GoPro camera on his head and, according to authorities, “was trying to overcome a challenge for the social network Instagram”. On his social network, Banot has several posts about climbing towers, bridges and buildings around the world.

The “Polish Spider-Man” wore an Argentine national team t-shirt and attracted curious looks from passers-by, workers in neighboring buildings and viewers of local news channels that showed the climb and the operation to remove him from the top of the building.

Firefighters reported that he did not resist rescue and underwent medical evaluation after being placed inside the building. They also say that he only had a belt with a carabiner, which he used to rest during the climb, before continuing the climb.

The mayor of Buenos Aires, Jorge Macri, wrote that he will ask the court “to order him to pay for the entire operation”. “The neighbors have no reason to bear the cost of their recklessness”, he added, in a post on the social network X.

See video:

Authorities claim that the Polish influencer had already climbed five floors of the same building on June 6. At the time, the local court did not consider the initiative to be a crime.

With the recurrence, however, there was an arrest warrant for “domicile violation” and the man had his camera seized.

Source: CNN Brasil

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