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Video: Javier Milei performs rock at book launch

On stage, Argentine President Javier Milei looked more like a rock star than an economist-turned-politician as he sang his version of the song “Panic Show” by Argentine band La Renga during the launch of his latest book “Capitalismo, Socialismo and the Neoclassical Trap”, on Wednesday night (22).

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During the event, his supporters also chanted slogans against Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez. The scene comes after tension grew between Milei and Sánchez, who permanently withdrew the ambassador to Argentina following derogatory comments by Milei about Sánchez's wife, Begona Gomez, during a rally in Madrid organized by the far-right Vox party.

Milei's critics, including opposition politicians, criticized Wednesday's performance as arrogant at a time when Argentines are struggling to survive under his strict fiscal policy. Poverty affects almost 60% of the Argentine population, under the administration, and unemployment is rising.

The president often sang at campaign events and once caused a national stir by dressing up as an “anarcho-capitalist superhero” at an anime convention.

Source: CNN Brasil

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