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Video of Netflix series ‘Fauda’ actor ordering strike on Gaza

THE actor Idan Amedi who became known to the general public by the Fauda series of Netflixhas served in the Israeli army and in a video posted on social media, he is seen ordering a strike on Gaza.

Specifically, he appears in an armored vehicle with other soldiers and states that “this is not a scene from Fauda, ​​this is real life»

“Here’s the lieutenant commander,” he says and adds that “in a minute, we will strike this building in memory of our brothers and sisters who were massacred on October 7 and two of our friends from Yamam (a special counter-terrorist forces unit) who were killed in action, Alexei Smaklov and Dror Elton.”

It is noted that many contributors to the Fauda series have enlists voluntarily in Israel’s army after the October 7 attack, as they are overwhelmingly Israeli.

Source: News Beast

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