Video of the Czech president from the hospital where he is being released

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Associates of its president Czech Milos Zeman released a video today with him signing a decree convening the country’s new parliament and while was hospitalized a week ago, seeking to defend their hospitalization management against allegations of secrecy.

Zeman’s office has not heard much about his health since he was admitted to the intensive care unit on October 10, a day after the parliamentary elections, and the video shows the first images of the sick president from his hospitalization.

At a time when presidential aides and hospital officials said they were not allowed to speak about Zeman’s condition, the lack of information created uncertainty among many Czechs, writes Reuters.

The President of the Senate Miles Wistrilsil He cited a report from the hospital requested by his office on Monday, which said Zeman was unable to perform any duties while in the ICU and was unlikely to return to work soon.

During a press conference today, Zeman’s chief of staff, Bratislava Minar, who received no questions, defended his office’s handling of the Czech president’s treatment in the face of criticism from the media and political opponents of secrecy.

A short video was shown there showing the Speaker of the lower house Radek Vodraσεek to meet Zeman, who signed a decree convening the new parliament on November 8, while in a hospital bed and talking to Vodraσεek and three other officials, none of whom wore a mask.

According to the report of the head of the Upper House, the hospital informed Minar about the seriousness of Zeman’s condition on October 13.

That was one day before Vodraσεek visited Zeman on October 14, at the request of the President, according to Minar.

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