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Video of the terrifying moment a mother of two is killed by lightning on a beach

Shocking video captures the moment a mother-of-two is struck by lightning during a family beach outing Colombia. Froilanis Maireth Rivas Román was struck by lightning and fell backwards, while an eyewitness filmed the terrifying moment on his mobile phone.

The 34-year-old was spotted walking along the coastline. The pictures show the moment she is hit by lightning strike and the mother falls down.

Footage then shows a large streak of lightning streaking from the sky and striking the tourist. A police officer on the beach is seen ducking in shock at the sound of the thunder, but does not look back to see the woman, notes the Daily Mail.

A holidaymaker collapses on the sand in shock before running to her aid but the Venezuelan woman dies within seconds.

According to authorities, he died of shock after being struck by lightning. She was visiting Boquilla Beach in Colombia with family members. They had arrived at the beach town earlier that day.


Uma mulher died on Tuesday (14/11) depois de ser atingida por um raio. The case happened on a beach in Cartagena, Colombia. The victim, identified as Froilanis Maireth Rivas Román, 34 years old, had Venezuelan nationality. According to preliminary information, Froilanis curtia o dia de praia com amigos quando foram surprendidos com a formation de uma tempestade. A video made by a monitoring camera registered the exact moment that a woman was struck by lightning. O barulho foi tamanoh que pessoas de abaixaram logo apos o phenomenono. #TikTokNotícias

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Froilanis had a son and a daughter and often posted pictures of her two children on Facebook. She also had her own clothing company on Instagram.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the odds of someone being struck by lightning are one in a million, yet nearly 90% of victims survive. A large number of weather-related lightning deaths are recorded in Colombia.

As reported by the Industrial University of Santander, the country’s high number of mountains and open plains make it prone to electrical discharges.

Source: News Beast

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