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Video shows pastor meeting Bolsonaro, not the president of South Korea

False: It is a false publication claiming that the president of South Korea, Yoon Suk-yeol, would have said a prayer and delivered gifts to Jair Bolsonaro (PL), the current president of Brazil and candidate for reelection. In fact, the footage shows South Korean pastor Ock Soo Park, who met with Bolsonaro on June 7, 2022, at Palácio do Planalto in Brasília.

Investigated Content: Video shows a meeting between Bolsonaro and South Korean emissaries, who give the president several gifts. The post indicates that the man in the images would be the president of South Korea. In addition, the publication also recommends that readers research the headquarters of the Ipec Institute. This is a reference to posts that erroneously accuse the research company of having the same address as the Lula Institute.

where it was published: Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Kwai and TikTok.

Completion of Proof: The post on Twitter suggesting that the president of South Korea gave gifts to President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) in a face-to-face meeting is false and that, in addition, he would have said a prayer for the Brazilian.

In fact, the man featured in the images is South Korean pastor Ock Soo Park. He came to Brazil to participate in the World Conference of the Congress of Christian Leaders (CLF). On his personal website, there are no mentions of positions held in the government of South Korea. The current president of the Asian country is Yoon Suk-yeol, who started his term on May 10, 2022.

On June 7, Park and other members of his entourage met with Bolsonaro. The moment was broadcast on Bolsonaro’s Facebook and is on the president’s official agenda. The video has already been verified by other checking agencies, which have identified the same content on other social networks.

Comprova considers false any content invented or edited to change its original meaning and deliberately released to spread a falsehood.

Scope of publication: As of September 22, the Twitter post had 162 shares and 644 likes. This content was sent to Comprova by readers through our number WhatsApp, or (11) 97045-4984.

What the author of the publication says: Comprova contacted the author of the publication, identified as Mayranne de Almeida Bandeira, through direct messages on Twitter. There was no response as of the publication of this verification.

Mayranne indicates that she is part of the Communication Secretariat (Secom) of the Brazilian Labor Party (PTB). The same name appears in position of first general secretary of the party directory in Paraíba and communication secretary at national legend executive.

José Ronald Vieira Sales Junior, current president of the party’s directorate in Paraíba, confirmed that the woman was part of the party’s communication area in the state. However, according to him, Mayranne Almeida left the PTB directorate in May this year after a process of reformulation in the team that integrated the legend in the region. Sales Junior stressed that he does not have information about Mayranne and that he does not know if she still participates in PTB’s national actions.

In view of this, Comprova sought out the national directory of the legend, which reported: “Mayranne was once an employee of PTB Communication, but has been out of office since May. She hasn’t answered for the PTB since then”.

How do we check: A Google search with the keywords “Bolsonaro”; “meeting” and “South Korea” returned to checks on the same video made by other checking agencies (to the facts, rumors, Estadão Check and AFP We check).

The official website of the South Korean pastor Ock Soo Park and the page of the Presidency of the Republic of Brazil with the official agenda were also consulted.

south korean shepherd

Contrary to what the post suggests, the person who appears next to Bolsonaro is not the president of South Korea. This is Pastor Ock Soo Park, who came to Brazil to participate in the World Conference of the Congress of Christian Leaders, held between June 6th and 8th this year. His participation was confirmed on the social media of the event.

At the personal website of Ock Soo Park, it appears that he is currently the pastor of Good News Gangnam Church and an advisor to the International Youth Fellowship (IYF). There is no mention of positions held in the South Korean government in the section describing the pastor’s career.

The current president of South Korea is Yoon Suk-yeol. He was elected on March 9 of this year as the candidate of the People’s Power Party (PPP), and was sworn in on May 10.

Meeting with Bolsonaro

The video shows part of the live stream shared on Bolsonaro’s official Facebook profile, on the 7th of June. The meeting took place at Palácio do Planalto, in Brasília, and is included in the the president’s official agenda for the afternoon of that day.

The pastor even met with members of the Evangelical Parliamentary Front in the Chamber of Deputies. Among those present were the vice president of the House, Lincoln Portela (PL-MG), the deputies Soraya Manato (PTB-ES) and Coronel Tadeu (PL-SP), and also the senator Marcos Rogério (PL-RO).

Ock Soo Park delivers gifts to the president and his family members, such as First Lady Michelle Bolsonaro. In the broadcast, he also says a prayer for Bolsonaro.

Address of Instituto Ipec

In the post verified by Comprova, the author also recommends that readers search for the headquarters of Instituto Ipec. Recently, false content claimed that the headquarters of the electoral research company operated within the Lula Institute.

Comprova has already verified the information. The former president’s organization is located on Rua Pouso Alegre, in the Ipiranga district of São Paulo. The research institute is headquartered on Avenida Paulista, in the Bela Vista neighborhood, also in the city of São Paulo. The two headquarters are about five kilometers apart.

The confusion can happen because the two institutions initially had the same acronym, as explained by the advice of former President Lula. “Ipec was the first name of Instituto Cidadania, which later became Instituto Lula.”

why do we investigate: Comprova investigates content that has gone viral on social media about the pandemic, the presidential elections and public policies of the federal government. Misleading content, with wrong information and out of context, about candidates can change voters’ perception of a particular politician and his actions.

Other checks on the topic: to the facts, rumors, Estadão Check and AFP We check also verified posts with the video.

Recently, the Comprova Project showed that Video was manipulated to show Bolsonaro ahead in IPEC survey; what speech in support of Bolsonaro was made by an Argentine journalist and not by an ambassador, as the video statesis that It’s not Fabio Assunção in a video supporting Bolsonaro and criticizing the PT and the left.

Investigated by: Metropolises; Verified by: GaúchaZH, Correio, Plural Curitiba, O Popular, SBT, SBT News, A Gazeta, Piauí, Estado de S.Paulo, CNN Brasil, Jornal do Comércio and Folha de S.Paulo

Source: CNN Brasil

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