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Video shows suspects breaking into gym and stealing donations to RS; look

A video obtained by CNN shows the actions of two men who were arrested for stealing donations for flood victims in Rio Grande do Sul.

The case took place at Ginásio Falcão, one of the collection points located in the city of Praia Grande, on the coast of São Paulo. See the image below:

According to the city hall, teams from the Municipal Civil Guard (GCM) were called to respond to the incident after the men, aged 30 and 34, invaded the gym, which was closed.

The suspects fled, but ended up being detained nearby.

In the images, it is possible to see men using pliers to cut and steal copper cables from the outside of the Gym.

In a nearby field, three basic food baskets, 12 units of milk, a box of 27 chocolate drinks and a five-kilogram package of rice were found.

In the gym, a backpack was found with pliers, two scissors and a knife used for the invasion. The suspects left behind broken padlocks and products scattered around the scene.

The men were taken to the Judiciary Police Center (CPJ) in Praia Grande, where they remain at the disposal of the Justice Department.

In a note, the Public Security Secretariat of the State of São Paulo (SSP-SP) reported that the case was registered as theft from an establishment, seizure and delivery of an object.

*(Under the supervision of Felipe Andrade)

Source: CNN Brasil

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