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Video: The moment a woman hits a pregnant woman because she is dancing and “she is not dressed properly”

An outrageous video has come to light and reportedly shows one pregnant a woman from Iran, who is attacked by another woman because she danced and did not wear jihab. The video shows the woman dancing in front of a crowd at a gathering and then a woman in a jihab appears, hitting her and throwing her to the ground. In fact, the young woman falls on a child sitting behind her.

The pregnant woman reacts and slaps the woman who attacks her. But after receiving three blows, he shouts: “Why are you hitting me?”.


“Get out of here, put on your jihab. “You have to respect the jihab,” is the answer he gets, according to Daily Mail.

The victim answers again: “Do you know something? “I’m pregnant and unfortunately I can not protect myself at the moment.”

“Wear your jihab” shouts the woman who attacks her in front of the gathered crowd.

It is not clear exactly when or where Iran these images were recorded. They were posted on Twitter by Masih Alinejad, an Iranian woman fighting for women’s rights, who is now in the US. The latter described the attack as “shocking and painful”.

“Why should this pregnant woman be so savagely attacked by a woman because of her jihab, and why are so many people just spectators?” Alinejad wondered. but it also encourages the abuser to repeat the bullying. “

Source: News Beast

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