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Vigia says he suffered racist attacks by woman in hospital in Rio

Watchman Otoniel da Silva Lopes, 42, claims to have suffered racist offenses by a woman who accompanied a patient at Casa São Bernardo Hospital, located in Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, on the night of this Sunday (3).

Videos recorded by witnesses show the assaults of the suspect, who also pushed and hit the man in the face.

A CNN , Otoniel reported that, around 9:50 pm, Ana Cláudia Arantes Cardoso parked her vehicle in a space designated for ambulances. According to him, other security agents requested that the car be removed, but the woman did not comply with the requests.

“When I made the request, she took the vehicle but threw it on top of me. She almost ran over me and broke the cones that make the signaling”, she explained to the report.

A CNN got in touch with Ana Cláudia, but did not receive a response until the publication of this article.

According to a statement recorded at the Civil Police by the watchman, minutes later, the suspect returned to the hospital and began to argue with people who were at the reception. Ana Cláudia claimed that she was robbed and accused the unit’s security guards of the crime.

“She was screaming that they should hand over her phone and her gold chain and started to attack the agents. I took charge of the situation and she started to attack me and call me ‘black, marginal, from the favela, naughty’. It was a very difficult and embarrassing situation”, said Otoniel.

For the watchman, Ana Cláudia would be upset and aggressive. He also stated that he would have put himself up as a physical barrier to prevent her from invading the Pediatric Intensive Care Center and the emergency room and, then, he was assaulted with body punches and slaps on the face.

In a note, the Military Police stated that a team from the 31st BPM (Recreio dos Bandeirantes) was called and went to the hospital to deal with a case of racial slurs. At the unit, the military was notified that a woman physically assaulted and directed racist insults at an employee.

The Civil Police informed that the case was registered in the 16th DP (Barra da Tijuca) and the investigations continue to clarify the events. Ana Cláudia’s custody hearing will be held today, starting at 1 pm, at the Rio de Janeiro Court of Justice.

Sought after, Rede Hospital Casa pointed out that it does not condone acts of discrimination and is committed to inclusion, diversity and to ensuring a safe work environment free of any form of violence or disrespect.

“The company regrets the case of aggression that occurred against the employee, and is providing all the necessary assistance and care to the employee. The aforementioned case is already in court and has been handled and followed up by legal means,” said the statement.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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