Viktor Orban: We want less drag queens and more Chuck Norris

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THE Viktor Orban was in Texas to speak at the Conservative Action Conference (CPAC) and indulged in a delusion to promote what he considers the “traditional family” model.

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The politician, who often targets members of the LGBT community, read the part of the Hungarian Constitution that states that marriage is only possible between a man and a woman, stating that “we want less drag queen and more Chuck Norris.”

He also blamed other groups of people, noting that “if anyone doubts whether progressive liberals and communists are the same, ask us in Hungary. It’s the same”. He also added during his presentation that “a Christian politician cannot be a racist».

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It is noted that since Viktor Orbán took power in Hungaryhas been noted significant setback to human rightswhile there is steep rise of Nazism. At the same time, he has engage in “hunting” of homosexuals -whom he often blames for various issues-, while several of his associates and MPs have been caught secretly having affairs with men.

Characteristically, in December 2020 the Hungarian MEP József Szajera close associate of Orbán and one of the key figures who accused homosexuals, was caught half-naked in Brussels at a gay orgywhere there were also drugs.

Source: News Beast

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