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Viola Davis shares video interview with Anitta; watch

The American actress Viola Davis used his social networks to share a video of a recent interview with Anita to a podcast from the United States. In the video, the Brazilian talks about prioritizing her mental health and taking care of herself.

“This! Success in life does not make you worthy. You are worthy… now…” Davis wrote. In the podcast interview On Purpose with Jay Shetty, Anitta mentions: “Now I started to prioritize my peace, my time, taking care of myself, because I think people congratulate you a lot on your professional success. ‘Oh, you’re doing great’ and that sounds like you need that to be someone.”

During her speech, the owner of “Funk Generation” also defended the creation of a law to limit the amount of wealth a person can accumulate and suggested donating to social causes.

Then, she further stated that, after a certain amount reached by each person, the money should be donated and invested in projects that benefit society. “I would create a limit on the amount of money that each person could have. You can have it up to here. From here you will have to donate,” she suggested.

“I understand that money comes to those who work hard, who make an effort, but beyond that ceiling, you don’t need more. No one needs to have that much. You need to share,” said the singer.

Currently, Anitta is on her first international tour and has already visited cities such as Los Angeles, Mexico City, Miami, Orlando, New York, among others.

Anitta says she “started from scratch” internationally

Source: CNN Brasil

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