Violence in the classroom, Minister Valditarra’s proposal: “Socially useful jobs for aggressive students”

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To counter violence in the classroom, the Minister of Education and Merit Giuseppe Valditara hypothesizes a solution: “Different forms of sanctions against those students who lack the ability to comply with the rules». And, among these, «one thing that has always seemed to me very useful, are the socially useful work». At the “North Direction” event in Milan, Giuseppe Valditara explains: “We must focus on two issues: restore authority to teachers and focus on respect for teachers, other students and public goods, which must be respected”. For this reason, the minister claims to have «created a table to find solutions because it is an issue that needs solutions, whether it is personalized teaching, help from a psychologist, a more effective sanction”.

The principals of the National Association of Rome immediately wanted to clarify that Valditarra didn’t invent anything: socially useful jobs already represent one of the solutions adopted in the case of violence in the classroom. This was stated by Mario Rusconi, president of the principals of ANP Rome: «The student statute provides for a series of sanctions against students who commit undisciplined acts, forms of violence or cause damage to the school. Therefore it is also applicable to those who occupy a school building, interrupting a public service. We therefore agree that in these cases measures such as community work are used, as schools have been doing for years».

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Cases of violence in the classroom are increasingly frequent. In Rovigo, less than a month ago, some students used an air pistol to shoot the teacher. Also in recent days, in Bari, a teacher was attacked in the classroom: two people organized an expedition to punish him for giving a note of conduct to a student.

But, according to the minister, to “restore authority to teachers, respect for teachers, students and public goods”, it is also necessary to move “from a increase in salary level».

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