Virada Cultural: Saturday is marked by police search and tension with cell phones

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The differences of this 2022 Virada Cultural in relation to other editions are very evident in the central region of São Paulo.

If before it took a ray that circled the Center from Estação da Luz to Praça da República, now it has been reduced to just a stage in fact, exactly under the Viaduto do Chá, in Vale do Anhangabaú.

There are other spaces in the vicinity, such as a small elevated for DJs in Praça das Artes, on Boulevard São João, and a second space in the Vale itself, for more circus attractions.

In addition, the Virada spread to other points in peripheral neighborhoods. According to the organization, until 6:00 pm this Sunday (29), 300 attractions will be held for an expected rotating audience of 2 million people.

Around 5:30 pm on Saturday (28), people gathered little by little and without major agglomerations in front of the Viaduto do Chá stage to wait for the opening show, reserved for singer Vitor Kley.

Vendors offered cell phone packs, according to them, anti-theft, for R$25, and many people walked around holding bags in front of their bodies.

There was a certain tension, with people looking at each other and using their cell phones little. Before, around 5 pm, there were already reports of attempts to steal devices in Anhangabaú.

An unprecedented measure was the review of all access roads to the Valley. A GCM sergeant, who preferred not to be identified, spoke privately to the Estadão.

He said the search was to prevent people from entering armed and with glass bottles. Because of the barriers, street vendors were also unable to access the vicinity of the stage.

Also according to the sergeant, cell phone thieves were infiltrating the audience and could act at any time.

He asked the reporter to warn people to only use their devices near police cars.

“In the last Virada, we apprehended a boy with 23 different devices, all stolen.” The GCM had 50 men on site, who worked together with the Military Police.

Another fear of the people, that the region of Anhangabaú would become an extended Cracolândia after the actions of the State Government to remove the chemical dependents from the region of Luz, was not confirmed.

They weren’t seen, at least in the concert area.

The presenter of the night, the poet and MC Mel Duarte, took the stage around 18:15 this Saturday, 28, to announce Vitor Kley.

She used inclusive language, saying “good night everyone” and “are you ready?”.

He said that the prefecture opened the post-pandemic cultural calendar with Virada and asked people to wear masks on the buses. Right there, nobody used it.

Vitor Kley arrived at 18:20 ready to do what he had promised, a hit show.

It has over 2.8 million listeners on Spotify alone and has proven that it’s not just a bubble.

Anhangabaú was not full at this hour, but a large section of the audience close to the stage knew all the songs by heart, singing many times with their hands in the air.

Vitor showed “Menina Linda”, “Morena”, “Angel or Woman”, “Ainda Bem Que Chega” and others.

The following shows would be those of Kevinho and the Bahian Margareth Menezes. Planet Hemp is expected to make its last presentation, at 5:30 pm this Sunday (29).


Source: CNN Brasil

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