Virada Cultural: Understand São Paulo’s special public transport operation

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Virada Cultural begins, this Saturday (28), with more than 300 music, performing arts and dance performances in eight regions of São Paulo.

To watch the shows by Ludmilla, Barões da Pisadinha, Glória Groove and others, public transport in the capital of São Paulo must operate in a special scheme.

See below how São Paulo’s subway, train and bus lines will work.

Sao Paulo subway

“The Metro opens normally on Saturday at 4:40 am and works until midnight on Sunday for passenger transfers,” the São Paulo Metropolitan Transport Department said in a note.

The Secretariat explains that, at dawn from Saturday to Sunday (29), São Bento, on Line 1-Blue, and Anhangabaú, on Line 3-Red, will operate uninterruptedly for boarding and disembarking.

The Secretariat points out that access to these stations will be restricted to two entrances: access from Vale, at São Bento station, and access to Formosa, at Anhangabaú station.


The CPTM (Companhia Paulista de Trens Metropolitanos) stations will open normally this weekend, but during the early hours of Sunday (29), they will only be open for disembarkation.

The stations that will have Virada Cultural events nearby – São Miguel Paulista, on Line 12-Sapphire, and José Bonifácio, on Line 11-Coral – will also be open for boarding during this period.

Passenger transfers will be open and free at stations that are integrated with the São Paulo Metro and with lines operated by the ViaQuatro and ViaMobilidade concessionaires – Metrô (Luz, Brás, Tamanduateí, Barra Funda, Tatuapé and Itaquera), ViaQuatro (Luz and Pinheiros) and ViaMobilidade (Santa Cruz).

ViaQuatro and ViaMobilidade

Lines 4-Yellow, 5-Lilac, 8-Diamante and 9-Esmeralda, which are operated by the ViaQuatro and ViaMobilidade concessionaires, despite opening normally during the day, will only work for disembarkation during the night from Saturday to Sunday.

“It is worth noting that the companies will reinforce the staff of security agents, especially in the stations close to the presentations of the event. If there is an increase in demand, more trains will be put into operation”, highlights the Transport Department.

municipal buses

Starting at 4 pm this Saturday (28), SPTrans will implement a special operation for municipal bus lines, which should be in effect until 8 pm on Sunday (29).

“SPTrans teams will monitor the operation of public transport in the central region throughout the event and make adjustments if necessary”, highlighted SPTrans.

The complete changes can be found on this site. See below for the lines that were affected.

Anhangabaú Stage: 106A-10 Metro Santana – Itaim Bibi; 175T-10 Metro Santana – Metro Jabaquara; 509M-10 Jd. Miriam – Term. Main Isabel; 5317-Sesc/Orion – Pça. of the Post Office; 609F-10 Teac. Santana – Term. Main Isabel; 5154-10 Term. St. Amaro – Term. Main Isabel;

San Miguel Stage: 273D-10 Pq. D. João Nery – Artur Alvim Metro; 273R-10 Jd. Robru – Metro Artur Alvim; 273R-42 Jd. Robru – Itaquera Metro; 2780-10 Jd. Camargo Novo – Itaquera Metro; N334-11 Term. AE Carvalho – CPTM Guaianazes; 2734-10 Jd. Campos – Itaquera Metro;

Itaquera stage : 263C-10 Jd. Helena – COHAB II; 263J-10 Penha – Conj. Jose Bonifacio; 403A-10 CPTM José Bonifácio – Term. Penha; 3020-10 COHAB Jose Bonifácio – Shop Aricanduva; 3027-10 CPTM Guaianazes – Shop. Aricanduva; 3722-10 COHAB José Bonifácio – Metro Penha; 3732-10 CPTM José Bonifácio – Itaquera Metro;

English Parade Stage : 1703-10 Jd. Fontalis – Shop. North Center; 2025-10 Vl. Nova Galvão – Santana; 1701-10 Jova Rural – Metro Santana; 1016-10 Hundred. do Horto – Center Norte; 1738-10 Vl. Constança – Metro Santana; 1780-10 Jd. Hebron – Metro Parada Inglesa;

Parish Stage of Ó: 8545-10 Penteado – Barra Funda Metro; 8549-10 Jd. dos Cunhas – Pça. of the Post Office; 957T-10 COHAB Taipas – Vl. Olympia; 9785-10 Vl. Terezinha – Barra Funda Metro; 8548-10 Jd. dos Cunhas – Term. lapa; 8548-21 Taipas Stop – Term. lapa; 9012-10 Itaberaba – Term. lapa; 8545-10 Penteado – Barra Funda Metro; 9014-10 Morro Grande – Term. lapa; N143-11 Barra Funda Metro – Morro Grande; 8215-10 Jd. Paulistano – Pça. of the Post Office; 8528-10 Jd. Guarani – Pça. of the Post Office; 8538-10 Parish of Ó – Pça. of the Post Office; 917M-10 Morro Grande – Ana Rosa Subway; 917M-31 Morro Grande – Ana Rosa Subway; 8549-10 Jd. dos Cunhas – Pça. of the Post Office; 957T-10 COHAB Taipas – Vl. Olympia; 975A-10 Brasilândia – Ana Rosa Subway; 9047-10 Jd. Paulistano – Lapa; 938V-10 Jd. Vista Alegre – Barra Funda Metro; 9717-10 Jd. Almanara – Santana Metro; 978T-10 Jd. Guarani – Barra Funda Metro; 9181-10 Vl. Terezinha – Lapa; 938P-10 Jd. Tereza – Barra Funda Metro; 9785-10 Vl. Terezinha – Barra Funda Metro; N142-11 Term. Pirituba – Term. Green house; 178T-10 Metro Santana – CEASA.

Butantã Stage: 746H-10 Jd. Jacqueline – Sto. Amaro; 8026-10 Jd. Ingá – Term. Vila Sonia; 7013-10 Jd. Ingá – Term. Vila Sonia; 756A-10 Jd. Paul VI – Term. Spreading Water; 809L-10 Campo Limpo – Lapa; 8072-10 Pq. Ipê – Morumbi Metro;

M’Boi Mirim Stage: 677A-10 Term. Jd Angela – Itaim Bibi; 6007-10 Term. Little Chapel – Term. St. Amaro; 5318-10 Chácara Santana – Pça. of the See; 6059-10 Jd. Universal – Sto. Amaro; 6258-31 Jd. St. Daisy – Jd. Ibirapuera; 6010-10 Chácara Sta. Maria – Term. Guarapiranga.

Source: CNN Brasil

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