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Virginia shows her daughters painting their nails before going to the birthday party

The digital influencer Virginia Fonseca , 25, showed her two daughters, babies aged 2 and 1, painting their nails to go to a birthday party this Wednesday (22). See photos below.

She showed Mary flower , 1, with fingernails and toenails painted blue. Then Virginia said that Maria Alice 2, wanted to imitate and also asked to paint.

“While I was doing my nails, I had to take a break for Floflô to do hers. Julia painted her fingernails and toenails. She chose it.”

“Maria Alice saw that Maria Flor painted her nails and wants to paint it too. They are getting their nails done because they are having a birthday today. So, they are all getting ready.”

The influencer also showed Maria Flor dressed to go to her birthday, in a white and blue dress, matching her nails. “Look at the look for your birthday. It looks like she did it on purpose to match.”

Virginia is pregnant with her husband Zé Felipe of their third child, who will be the couple's first boy.

Source: CNN Brasil

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