Home Politics Visit of government echelon and ND MPs to Naxos

Visit of government echelon and ND MPs to Naxos

Visit of government echelon and ND MPs to Naxos

The visits of New Democracy levels continue throughout the country, with the aim of promoting the government’s work. Next stop was the island of Naxos. In the visit the head of the echelon, Minister of Shipping and Insular Policy Yannis Plakiotakis, the general secretary of the Aegean and Insular Policy Emmanuel Koutoulakis and the general secretary of Justice and Human Rights Panos Alexandris, accompanied by Cyclades MPs Yannis Vroutsis, Katerina Monogyiou and Filippos Fortomas and the MPs Christos Dermentzopoulos, Yiannis Kefalogiannis and Themis Heimaras, visited projects, met with representatives and agencies of the local authorities and referred to the government project that is in progress in the area.

The Minister of Shipping and Island Policy Yannis Plakiotakis, accompanied by the government echelon as well as party officials of the region, visited the port authority of Naxos where he inspected an ambulance and ships of the port force, met with the Metropolitan of Paronaxia Kallinikos, talked with residents and shopkeepers of the area, held successive meetings with the mayor of Naxos Dimitris Lianos, the prefect Ioannis Margaritis and also with representatives of local productive bodies including traders, hoteliers and representatives of the primary sector. The visit concluded with a tour of the mountain villages of the island and a press conference with the local Mass Media.

After the end of the visit the minister stated: “The aim of our visit in the presence of a hybrid echelon consisting of general secretaries of the Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy and the Ministry of Justice, our local parliamentarians but also parliamentarians from other regions of our homeland of the New Republic, the aim was the promotion of government work but of course also the special contribution of the active government to the development of important initiatives and opportunities in the Naxos region.

Many important projects have been launched and are being launched by the government of Kyriakos Mitsotakis in the last three years, the highlight of course being the inclusion of the new state airport field in Naxos into the NSRF with important interventions such as the Tsikalari dam and of course interventions related to the control for the adequacy of drinking water very important interventions and of course these interventions continue with the axis of the ministry of shipping and island policy and in particular the general secretariat of island policy which has financed many actions concerning water supply and desalination in the Naxos area.

The issue of insularity concerns us as a whole as a government. That is why we have proceeded to institutionalize an integrated institutional framework for the blue economy and dealing with the issues of insularity. But above all, we instituted specific financial tools to support the islanders, support the island businesses and improve the lives of the islanders”.

The general secretary of Justice and Human Rights, Panos Alexandris, during the parallel meetings he held, visited the first instance court of Naxos where he met with judges and prosecutors who serve there, as well as with the president and members of the Board of Directors. of the Naxos Bar Association.

During the meeting, the issues related to the relocation of the Court of First Instance and the Magistrate’s Court of Naxos, to a new courthouse, were discussed, as well as issues related to the general functioning of the judicial services on the island. Immediately after, the general secretary visited the new building where the mortgage office of Naxos is housed.

He immediately afterwards stated: “It is a clear priority for the government, the modernization of the building facilities of justice and its digital modernization throughout the country. In this context, the construction of the new courthouse of the Court of First Instance of Naxos is included.

Also, the government, through the Ministry of Justice, closely monitors and promotes the resolution of the problems faced by both judges and court officials. Insular Greece is a priority of the government also in matters of justice since its goal is to resolve all issues of justice even in the most remote corner of the territory.”

The visit was concluded with the participation of the members of the echelon in the open meeting and discussion held with the participation of members and executives of DIMTO Naxos ND, as well as the organizations of the region.

Source: RES-MPE

Source: Capital



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