Visit of K. Sakellaropoulou to the cremation center in Ritsona

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The President of the Republic Katerina Sakellaropoulou visited the Cremation Center in Ritsona, the first operating in our country since 2019. Mrs. Sakellaropoulou was informed by the administration of the Incinerator about its establishment and operation and then made the following statement:

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“The cremation of the dead, as is well known, has been recognized in all civilized countries as a parallel way of disposing of the body after death for hundreds of years. This is done by declaring the person before his death, or, as the law provides , after death, by those who have the right to make the relevant decision.

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Greece, albeit belatedly, has recognized this right to its citizens since 2006. Choosing the disposition of the body after death is an act mainly of culture, it has of course many other characteristics, it may be the strongest manifestation of will by a human being. Because, while it happens when it is alive, it refers to a time in which it will not even be able to control and enforce its implementation. This is something that the legislator must do and the State must ensure. It is linked to the right of man to the protection of his personality and to the right to dignity, the possibility of choosing how his body will be disposed of after his death.

So I think that the Greek State, even belatedly, did very well to recognize it and I welcome the creation of this first crematorium for our country. Greek society has its peculiarities, but the issue is to have a choice. This is a sign of culture, of legal culture, in all aspects. Beyond that, of course, things are solved over time.

The environment here has a consoling nature for the relatives of those who chose this way to dispose of their body after death, the Greek nature allows them to say goodbye in the right way. “So I’m glad I’m here today.”


Source From: Capital

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