Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin said the blockchain needs to be prepared for a possible 51% attack – new research needs to be done to create the necessary software to protect the network.

Vitalik Buterin emphasized that the network requires the creation and implementation of an automated response to a possible 51% attack. The programmer is convinced that Ethereum has the potential to improve its defense mechanisms. According to Buterin, the biggest risks for the blockchain are related to the introduction of censorship in the network if a 51% attack is successful.

As a reminder, a 51% attack is an operation against a blockchain or project where fraudsters gain control over more than half (51%) of the network’s stakes or computing power. This allows them to rewrite the history of transfers, prevent them from being completed, block rewards for validators, and receive double payment for coins.

“We want the response to be as automated as possible. If you are a validator, you should have software running on your node that automatically counteracts censorship in transactions when it detects it. Counteractions should be carefully planned and thought out, and rely on effective software,” Buterin said.

The co-founder of Ethereum drew the community’s attention to the fact that additional research is needed in order to then make appropriate changes to the functioning of the blockchain.

Buterin previously criticized the regulation of the American cryptocurrency market. In a post on the Warpcast platform, the programmer listed the problems that project developers face.