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Vitalik Buterin proposes adding a separate type of gas

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin released EIP-7706which adds a new type of gas for some transactions.

The functions max_basefee and Priority_fee are used as the main vector. They calculate gas costs for execution, calldata, and BLOB.

To accept the changes, EIP-1559 must be amended to use the same settlement mechanism for all three transaction types.

Buterin has already discussed a similar idea, putting forward a proposal to introduce “multi-dimensional” pricing for gas. He wanted to separate the various operations on Ethereum into different types in order to save blockchain resources.

On May 8, the programmer presented another proposal – EIP-7702. It allows regular Ethereum wallets to temporarily switch to smart contract mode in a single transaction. This approach simplifies the implementation of the account abstraction.

ZeroDev CEO Derke Chang said the developer wrote the document in just 22 minutes.

According to him, an hour and a half after the publication, a meeting of the Ethereum Foundation began, at which EIP-3074 was discussed.

In March, Buterin called the next five years “crucial” for mass adoption of Ethereum and its adoption by the “real world.”

Source: Cryptocurrency

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