In Russia, the book of the co-founder of the Ethereum network “More money. What is Ethereum and how blockchain is changing the world. The book is devoted to the history of the development of the second blockchain in terms of capitalization.

The work of Vitalik Buterin was prepared for publication by the Moscow publishing house Individuum. In the introduction to the book, its editor and compiler, professor of media at the University of Colorado, Nathan Schneider, informs readers that what they have before them is a collection of articles written by Vitalik Buterin from 2014 to 2023, systematized in chronological order.

“As cryptocurrencies enter the economic mainstream, there is an increasing debate: is it worth putting the genie back in the bottle, if at all possible? Over time, people who wonder, notice, like Buterin, that they are no longer interested so much in “is it worth it”, but in more and more diverse options for answering the question: how to live with it, ”writes Nathan Schneider.

The professor believes that readers may be interested in the vision of the co-founder of the second most popular cryptocurrency on the features of the Ethereum protocol, game theory, financing public goods and the creation of autonomous network organizations. The author of the preface hopes that Vitalik Buterin’s book will help to find the boundaries of reality that contrast with the hype that often accompanies cryptography in the public imagination. Instead, the author proposes to look at cryptoeconomics as an exciting set of social, economic and political opportunities that open a window for dialogue for each of us.

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In early March, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin published an article in which he spoke about several problematic cases when paying with ETH and called for accelerating the scaling of the Ethereum network.