Vittoria Ceretti, the model publicly takes sides against the nepo baby

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Whoever they were intended for the words of Victoria Ceretti (and there is an idea), one thing is certain: the 24-year-old top model from Brescia hit and sank. Woe, on the other hand, to define it as one nepo baby – shortened version of nepotism baby – that is, one of those «daughters of», «sisters of» or «friends of» to whom the most glamorous of careers in the fashion world lies ahead like a starry carpet unrolled in front of her. At the height of the debate that has exploded on social media these days, Vittoria Ceretti is not there and sets the record straight: for her, there have never been any shortcuts. Neither on the catwalk nor on the sets of the advertising campaigns to which she lent her face.

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The model, who was also co-host of Sanremo 2021, therefore chose to entrust her outburst to Instagram: «I perfectly understand the “I’m here and I work hard” – she writes – but I would love to see if you too managed to overcome the first five years of career that I lived. I’m not talking about being rejected, because I know you’ve been there too, that you could tell me your sad little story (although, at the end of the day, you can always go cry on Dad’s shoulder at your Malibu mansion), but that Do you know what it’s like not to have the money for a flight home to your family?’

Vittoria Ceretti on the catwalk for the Chanel Spring Summer 2023 collection

Getty photo

The shower of severe but fair words does not end here, Vittoria Ceretti also brought up one of the most ordinary episodes of her life as a model: «What do you know about what it means to wait hours in line for a casting or a fitting to then see one nepo baby pass you straight from the warm seat of a chauffeured Mercedes with a friend/assistant/agent looking after his sanity?”

To then conclude with an exhortation: «I was not born on a beautiful and sexy pillow with a panoramic view. I know it’s not your fault but please appreciate and be aware of where you come from.”

The question at this point is: who was he with? Although the debate also interested Zoë Kravitzthe “villa in Malibu” in which Vittoria Ceretti’s alleged enemy-friend is said to cry could be Lily-Rose Deppthe daughter of Johnny Depp who on the subject of nepo baby recently made statements in an interview with Elle. “People will always have preconceived ideas about you or how you got there,” she said. – but I can definitely say that nothing will get you a role except the fact that you’re right for that role. Maybe you already have a good starting point, but it ends there. Then comes a lot of work.”

Needless to reiterate the position of Vittoria Ceretti, who concludes thus: «You have no idea how much you have to fight to make people respect you. It takes years. For you, on the other hand, it’s free from day 1».

Vittoria Ceretti on the catwalk for the Max Mara Fall Winter 2022 2023 collection show

Getty photo
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