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VKontakte has released a messenger with features that are not in the main application

A mobile application for communication called “VK Messenger” appeared on iOS and Android mobile platforms. This is a full-fledged messenger “VKontakte”, which contains all the main functions of the Russian social network, allowing you to always stay in touch. And even more.

In “VK Messenger” you can communicate not only with friends from “VKontakte”, but also with any contacts from the phone book. If the message was sent to a person who is not in friends, he will receive a message request. The possibilities of the application are almost unlimited: users can chat in group chats with more than 1000 participants, share files up to 2 GB, use audio and video calls, disappear and voice messages, read their transcripts, share location, transfer money and much more.

There are also features that are not available in the main VK app. So, for example, users can hide the time of their last activity and communicate in phantom chats. The last function will be useful in cases where there is no need to store correspondence. In this case, all messages are automatically deleted after a certain time.

VK Messenger has the ability to customize the interface. In addition to the dark theme, users can customize the appearance of individual chats, archive them or pin them to the top of the list. The app is currently in beta.

Source: Trash Box

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