VKontakte launched the VK Play Live streaming platform with support for little-known streamers

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Today, November 29, the IXBT news outlet, citing its sources, reported that VKontakte has officially launched its own streaming platform called VK Play Live, which should compete with market mastodons like Twitch or YouTube. It is worth noting that the company has been actively testing this platform in a closed format since August of this year, and now the project is open to everyone. Accordingly, users without any restrictions can easily start a live broadcast on the Russian service and stream the gameplay of something to the audience.

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It is worth noting that the service, apparently, will be in demand among the audience, since even at the beta testing stage, developers received more than ten thousand applications to participate in testing the platform. Moreover, since August this year, content creators who have accessed the platform have conducted a total of more than eleven thousand live broadcasts lasting more than 57 thousand hours. In addition, Stanislav Saxon, development manager for the VK Play Live platform, said that the users who took part in the test helped the developers improve the service before launching it.

But the main advantage of the new streaming service is a program aimed at supporting content creators. Of course, for those streamers who already have a huge audience, it is easier to gain viewers on the new platform, as users will follow their favorite content creator to where he broadcasts live. It is much more difficult for beginner streamers in this regard, since the live broadcast market is now very competitive and you have to fight for viewers. To make this process easier and more enjoyable, the company promises assistance to novice streamers with small channels, including financial support.

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For example, content creators who have an audience of less than 300 people (simultaneously on one live broadcast) have the opportunity to receive financial assistance from the platform. It starts at $10,000 and ends at a whopping $45,000, which is enough to upgrade your hardware—buy a webcam, a better microphone, or otherwise improve the quality of your stream. There will also be support for digital content such as chat emoticons, and the tier rewards themselves will be awarded seasonally.

Source: Trash Box

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