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Vodafone Sustainability Report: Investing in Advanced Networks for a Green Digital Future

In one of the most demanding and subversive periods, the two years 2020-2021, which was characterized by the pandemic, Vodafone Greece, based on what is mentioned in a corporate announcement, “confirmed its commitment to the Sustainable Development strategy and investments in the country, in from three pillars: the digital society, the sustainable planet and equal participation.

Recognizing that connectivity and digital technologies are the custodians of the transition to sustainable and digital development, as well as guaranteeing the equal progress and prosperity of people, Vodafone sets out in the 2020-2021 Sustainable Development Report the interconnection strategy for a better future for everyone. The Exhibition summarizes the company’s vision for the digital society of tomorrow, which will provide equal opportunities for all and respect the planet, supporting the principles of sustainable development.

With the pandemic finally acting as an accelerator for the substantial digital transformation of the country, at the center of which was the telecommunications industry, Vodafone made a significant contribution to the Greek economy and society.

With the investments of the last decade (2009-2020) for the creation of modern digital infrastructures and services exceeding 2 billion euros, the company, it is pointed out in the announcement, is rapidly implementing its new large investment program, amounting to 600 million euros. for the development of new generation networks, 5G and FTTH by 2024. The goal of the investment strategy is to offer Greece advanced communication networks, which will contribute to its digital and green transformation.

Vodafone acquired the range required for 5G network development in December 2020, embarking on the long-term journey of Vodafone 5GNetwork, which is currently in full swing. Now, the population coverage of the network exceeds 42% nationwide and has been activated in the most important urban centers as well as in the most popular tourist destinations of the country.

In addition, it is building submarine cables in the Aegean and Ionian, which will offer new technological possibilities to almost 1 million inhabitants, thousands of businesses and many millions of visitors to 10 Greek islands, an investment amounting to 40 million euros.

To alleviate the suffering of our fellow citizens, who were affected by the effects of the pandemic, the company significantly expanded its social contribution, through a series of actions and donations, which exceeded the value of 2,320,000 euros (free speech, data, messages, satellite services). free psychological support calls for COVID-19 and domestic violence). At the same time, it provided services to government and public institutions, with a total estimated value of 194,000 euros.

Vodafone Greece is committed to a green planet, reducing the environmental impact across its entire operating range, from the design and production of the products and services it promotes to the market, to the use and rejection by its customers. It is committed to reduce by 50% compared to 2019 the greenhouse gas emissions from its direct activities until the end of 2022, already supplied from April 2021 100% of the electricity from renewable sources (certified through guarantees of origin). Its goal is zero emissions from the entire value chain by 2040, focusing on energy efficiency, waste management based on the principle of reduce-reuse-recycle, the use and promotion of environmentally friendly products and the development of technologies and services that contribute not only in the competitiveness of companies but also in reducing their environmental footprint.

Finally, the announcement concludes, Vodafone actively supports diversity and active social inclusion, creating an environment that promotes equal participation and offers opportunities for vocational training and development to all. Indicatively, the company implements parenting and maternity leave policies, empowering women through connectivity and improving access to education and digital skills for women, girls and society at large.

The Sustainable Development Report 2020-2021 is presented for the first time based on the company’s performance in matters of Environment, Society and Corporate Governance (Environment, Social and Governance -ESG) and has been prepared according to the basic selection of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) for the preparation of Sustainable Development Reports “.

The President and CEO of Vodafone Greece, Mr. Haris Broumidis, pointed out in his message, which accompanies the Sustainable Development Report 2020-2021: “Today, we know for sure that connectivity and digital technologies are the” key “for the twin – green and digital – transition of our societies and a guarantee for their equal progress and prosperity At Vodafone Greece, as responsible and reliable partners and partners of Greek companies, the public sector and each of our customers individually, we have identified our corporate purpose by creating the right conditions for a present and a sustainable future, where no one is left behind “.


Source: Capital

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