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Voglia, the erotic restaurant in Milan tested for you

«The new gastronomic eros opens its doors to delight the senses and whet the imagination». Wantsan erotic restaurant in Milan, promises «an unprecedented culinary and artistic experience, celebrating passion in all its forms»: it is the business card of Want Milan, the first erotic restaurant in Italy. But is it really erotic? Does it really deliver what it promises?

Voglia is located in Porta Venezia, at number 33 via Castaldi, and is enjoying – as expected – a great success, complete with a waiting list. Double shift, six evenings a week and the satisfaction of the two young Sicilian entrepreneurs who opened it: the 29-year-old Claudia Mangano and the 26 year old Stefano Vaccarowho have other venues in Italy, Spain and England.

«We wanted a venue that celebrated eroticism in all forms. Food is the natural accompaniment, a delicious ode to elegance and sensuality. Our challenge? Bringing eros to the table, but with irony and elegance. Why not, also do sex education» they say. They have a young, fast and courteous team, but they wear terrible golden half-busts over their uniforms which are quite erotic.

The main room of Voglia Milano: above the tables, an obvious sexual reference…

We went for dinner too, to see the place and obviously eat. Let's say straight away that the project shows remarkable care, not surprisingly required a couple of years of development. The interiors – curated by Cartesio Group – are enriched by erotic works of art and sculptures, wallpaper with designs that are more than suggestivemuch red and pink velvet, white marble and brass, slatted mirrors. It is a true gallery of erotic art.

There mise en place of the plates is openly inspired by intimate anatomies and positions of the Kama Sutra, while the cocktail glasses recall sinuous anatomical details. «We want to clear eroticism in a playful, fun way, far from vulgarity. There are many taboos to dispel and in Italy there is still a lot of widespread ignorance on these issues. But everything is ironic, nothing should disturb people's sensitivity. This is the place to find complicity, to inspire an evening that will continue in intimacy after dinner.” From Voglia In fact, there is no shortage of a private-like room, but in reality, it houses a gaming table equipped with roulette and personalized cards, which encourage guests to confess spicy secrets. The classic beginning of a Porn Hub film (a bit obvious among other things).

The room downstairs at the restaurant is perfect for Instagram

The room downstairs in the restaurant: it's perfect for Instagram

To look for “emotions”, you have to go down a staircase: there is a space created specifically to (not) surprise the right-thinking and take dozens of photos: neon lights (excessive in our opinion, real clubs are in the dark), unmistakable illustrations, X-cross for bondage, double bed with discounted toys, bathtub filled with red petals, a two meter high penis (erect, of course) in a niche. Basically the perfect place to take trashy erotic photographs. The set is decidedly crowded, there are couples of various ages – never under 30 and often over 60 – but we also encountered a noisy company group with the friendly owner forced to act as the subject of terrifying photos with the employees between jokes from Bar Sport and imaginable allusions.

Sottobosco is one of the most delicious desserts characterized by a decidedly clear plating

Sottobosco is one of the most delicious desserts, characterized by a decidedly clear plating

How do you eat at Voglia Milano?

How do you eat at Voglia Milano? Meanwhile the prices are “Milanese” but on this only a “Baggiano” who arrives in the city like Renzo Tramaglino de The Betrothed or someone who never goes out in the evening has the right to be surprised: starters from 15 to 20 euros, pastas and risottos from 25 to 30 euros, main courses over 30 euros. The winery is correct with the guys who have the merit of not trying the annoying “game” of offering Champagne even with a soup, the cocktails can however be improved as – our very personal opinion – the performances of the artists who move between the tables. In a situation “at the limit” (or aiming to be), those who tackle burlesque and those who show their pecs by taking off their white shirts must create eroticism and not lukewarm applause.

The dishes? No fine dining, even if the chefs come from there: focus on Italian cuisine, correct executions, nothing exciting but nothing badly done either. The menu is actually original: tra Double Orgasm (a carpaccio), El Pingon (a crunchy taco), Cunnilingus (a tagliolini with crab, lemon and dill) and so on. THE dessert not only for the denominations but also in the plating they do not save money: Your undergrowth (Cocoa biscuit with raspberry and chocolate cream, dill panna cotta, lemon and mint gel with cocoa crumble) recalls the female pubis, come for me And Tiramelosu (avoidable in the name and also for being yet another “revisitation” of Tiramisu: let's prohibit it with a law decree). Icedick It's a phallic-shaped ice cream with dark chocolate and nutmeg or basil and lemon. Those who order it – not just females – enjoy tasting it and amusing those who look at it. After all, that's what it's on paper for.

Want the erotic restaurant in Milan tried for you

In the end

In the end, anyone who leaves Voglia Milano complaining that they ate badly and paid a lot denotes culinary ignorance. If anything, it should be said that the rate of eroticism promised is lower than expected or at least played a little too much on trash rather than irony.

The public? From a sociology treatise or Sorrentino film, if you prefer. In the end it is a unique place. Repertoire: young couples (almost always with him a little stuck and her amused, put down by competition), small groups of older males who give the sensation of having fallen into the trap of the erotic restaurant and annoy the prettiest waitress, accompanied mature men who they act casually hoping for an after-dinner (but she was easily expecting a cool starry one), a table on the right with two couples aged 50-55, dressed as if they were in a family pizzeria, but in our opinion (and we think we're right) with a swinger club card in our pocket.

Once dinner was over and we went out onto the very crowded Via Castaldi, the guests of the second round, with decidedly more risqué ladies and young ladies – at least in look – of those going out, they wait neatly standing as if outside a nightclub, ready for a fun evening. But we're going to the good old «Maison di Gessate» (where maybe we'll end up finding the table on the right again. The world, especially this one, is very small).

At Voglia Milano even the glasses for cocktails follow the erotic philosophy

At Voglia Milano, even the cocktail glasses follow the erotic philosophy

Want the erotic restaurant in Milan tried for you
Want the erotic restaurant in Milan tried for you

Source: Vanity Fair

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