Volcano in Indonesia Erupts, Causes Evacuations and Kills One Person

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In Indonesia, the Semeru volcano, located on the island of Java, erupted this Saturday (4). The intense volcanic activity killed at least one person and injured 41 others, officials said. There are huge clouds of smoke and ash in the place.

Videos shared by members of the emergency service show residents running as huge clouds of smoke and ash blanket nearby villages in the province of East Java.

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At a press conference, the deputy chief of Lumajang district, Indah Masdar, confirmed the death of one person and said that the other injured had suffered burns.

Local authorities are setting up evacuation tents, according to the country’s disaster mitigation agency. However, evacuations were hampered by the dense smoke covering the site.

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AirNav Indonesia, which controls Indonesian airspace, said in a statement that the eruption “did not have a significant impact” on flights.

Mount Semeru, the highest on the island of Java, is among Indonesia’s nearly 130 active volcanoes. It erupted in January, causing no casualties.

Videos shared on social media show the moment when the volcano erupts. It is possible to watch people running while a tense cloud of smoke advances over the place.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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