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Volkswagen introduced Gen.Travel, an unmanned passenger shuttle from the future

Volkswagen Gen.Travel is an unusual car concept. This is an electric drone without traditional controls and recognizable brand elements. Yes, he was not conceived as a car that you can freely buy, but rather as a service within the service. The company itself calls its project “Innovation Experience Vehicle (IEV)”, which should show people how they will travel long distances in the next decade.

Volkswagen Gen.Travel is seen as an alternative to short distance air travel. In fact, this is a large passenger shuttle with “gull wings” instead of ordinary doors and a fifth-level autopilot. It has no controls, and this is very different from the concepts of other automakers, where there is a steering wheel that is recessed into the dashboard after the autopilot is activated. Thus, human intervention in driving is completely excluded here.

Maximum comfort is provided by the active suspension, called electric Active Body Control (eABC). It calculates the movement of the car in advance (acceleration, braking, cornering) to automatically optimize the driving style and trajectory. Inside – a spacious lounge with large windows, a massive transparent roof, four seats and a table in the center. The front seats can be deployed or completely unfolded, turning into a business class cabin with berths. A navigation map, trip information or entertainment content is projected onto the windshield.

VW sees a future in which such autonomous shuttles, with the help of artificial intelligence, line up on the highway and move together, reducing energy consumption and increasing range. Gen.Travel will be demonstrated to the public at the Chantilly Arts & Elegance event, which will be held on September 24 in Paris. The car is unlikely to receive a serial version in the near future, but some developments can be used in the brand’s upcoming models.

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