Volleyball, Andrea Lucchetta: «Italy is a dream European champion. Like us in 1989! “

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Italy again champion of Europe. Thirty-two years have passed, but Andrea Lucchetta he remembers that race well. The Azzurri won the title of European champions in Sweden against the hosts. Lucchetta was the captain of that great team, next to him was Fefè De Giorgi who was then one of the setters. And today he sits on the bench of the national team that has just won the same prestigious title by beating Slovenia. «Finally now I can tell», Lucchetta reveals to us on the phone, «I was convinced that Italy would win.

There were too many signs, too many similarities with us. And then De Giorgi on the bench and I commenting… we must have transmitted an incredible, magical energy to the group ».

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Leading the Italian national team, the captain Simone Giannelli. «Simone is a true leader», continues Lucchetta, «he was exceptional and deserves this satisfaction».

The triumph in volleyball comes at the end of a dream Italian summer. “We couldn’t have imagined anything better. The victory of the national team Football at the European Championship, the many Olympic medals including those of Jacobs and Tamberi, the great success of the blue expedition to Paralympics and now the victory at the European volleyball championship. We are on top of the world in every sport ».

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The victories help to turn the spotlight on sports that are often under-followed. «All these successes are good for the Italian sport movement in general. I know it well. I teach there volleyball to girls and boys up to twelve years of age. I do it with a system that I invented, lowering the net to their face and putting them in a position to have fun right away. The secret to making them passionately approach sports is to make them fun. If they manage to play and get satisfaction, the most important step has been taken ».

To close, a final consideration on the strength of De Giorgi’s group that won the European title. “Fefè used a perfect term to define his boys: jaunty. Behind success there is obviously sacrifice, commitment, dedication, concentration… but a free head is essential to obtain great results ».

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