Home Tech News Volt – electric scooter rental 1.2.2

Volt – electric scooter rental 1.2.2

Volt – electric scooter rental 1.2.2

Electric scooters are available 24/7 at the Krasnaya Polyana resort. No documents or deposits are required for rent.

Just install the VOLT app, enter and confirm your phone number and select the scooter on the map. And if the scooter is already near you, just enter its number or scan the QR code on the steering wheel, then select a payment method and tariff. Done, you are great!

VOLT electric scooters are specially designed for kicksharing, they can carry up to 120 kg and reach speeds of up to 25 km / h. Don’t worry if you rented one of the scooters for a child. Limit the speed in your app and relax. And yes, you can rent a scooter for another person!

You can pay for the rent by credit card. Rate: per minute. By choosing a per-minute one, you pay 50 ₽ for activating the scooter, 5 ₽ for each minute of use and 2 ₽ for each minute the scooter is paused.

All VOLT scooters are sufficiently charged so that your ride will last as long as you need it.



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