Volvo invests in the latest imaging technology

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Today, November 26, representatives of the automaker Volvo Cars officially announced their investment (through the Volvo Cars Tech Fund) in the promising start-up Spectralics from Israel, which specializes in the development of optical and imaging technologies. The investment will give Volvo Cars full access to the start-up’s latest technologies early in the development phase, according to Volvo Cars. And these technologies will make Volvo cars safer for the foreseeable future while providing a redesigned user interface.

It is worth noting that Spectralics has an impressive experience in the development of various technologies in the aerospace field, which the startup’s specialists use to create hardware and software in the field of modern visualization systems and in the development of the latest optical systems. For example, one of the most important developments of Spectralics at the moment is the Multi-Layered Thin Combiner technology – a multi-layer thin material with augmented reality effect. This is a special optical film that can be used on transparent surfaces of any shape. In the automotive industry, this allows the creation of an AR overlay windshield.

The startup is also working on a whole string of interesting solutions that will potentially be effective in the cars of the future. These developments include in-cabin monitoring technology, special anti-glare front cameras, even digital holographic projections. And given that Volvo is the leading partner in any promising Spectralics development, these technologies are likely to be first introduced on this particular brand.

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