Von Der Lain warns Russia of financial sanctions if further attacks in Ukraine

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The message that “the EU is in favor of dialogue with Russia“, However, if there is a deterioration of the situation and” further attacks on its territorial integrity ” Of Ukraine“, there will be response with financial sanctions, the President of the Commission said Ursula von der Lain, speaking online at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Ursula von der Leyen reiterated the EU’s solidarity with Ukraine and its European partners “threatened by Russia”. “To be clear: We want this dialogue. we want to resolve conflicts with the institutions that have been set up for this purpose. “But if the situation worsens, if there are further attacks on the territorial integrity of Ukraine, we will respond with huge economic sanctions,” he said. hope that no attack will occur. However, “if that happens, we are prepared,” said von der Leyen.

“Our difficulties are not with Russia, nor with its citizens. Our difficulties are with his dangerous policies Kremlin. It is the representation of familiar patterns of authoritarian behavior that underline the old truth: Where trust is lacking, force and coercion can not replace it“He pointed out, according to the APE-MPE.

In addition, the President of the Commission, speaking on the energy issue, noted that the Commission presented a toolkit of measures used by the Member States to quickly mitigate the impact of price increases. In addition, he stressed that “the current gas crisis must accelerate the transition to clean energy. It must give us the impetus we need to further integrate our energy market. “

“As we respond to this gas crisis, we will focus on protecting those most affected, speeding up the transition and ensuring that we have the reliable suppliers we need,” he said.

“If we are on the road to ending the pandemic, it is because we have mRNA vaccines developed by European scientists.”

“If we are on the road to finally ending this pandemic, it is because we have mRNA vaccines developed by European scientists,” said Ursula von der Leyen.

“The development of these vaccines is due to European values, he stressed, such as freedom of research, freedom of science and independent choices for investors,” said Ursula von der Leyen. equipped to fight this virus, than two years ago “.

Taking stock, the President of the Commission stated that the EU has delivered a total of 1.2 billion doses of vaccines to its citizens, while over 80% of adults in Europe are double-vaccinated.

He emphasized the need to focus on vaccine exports, but said that “even more important is the fact that we are the only country in the world that has continued to export or donate to other countries.” In particular, he said that a total of 1.6 billion doses made in Europe have been delivered to 150 countries. He noted that industry in Europe produces more than 300 million doses of vaccine each month.

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