Von der Layen: Climate protection will not lead us to the Stone Age

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A promising message for a policy on its subject climate without drastic cuts, gives today in her interviews in Austrian newspapers, the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen, who, as an official guest, attended yesterday in the city of Mozart at the grand opening of the famous Salzburg Festival, 101 years since their founding.

She answers categorically “no”, as broadcast by APE BPE, to the question whether she sees a danger that climate protection will lead to the “stone age”, as the federal chancellor of Austria and leader of the People’s Party had recently warned indirectly but clearly Sebastian Kurtz.

In contrast, the European “Green Agreement“It should allow people and businesses to ‘continue to do what made us happy and what made our businesses successful in the world markets,'” Ursula von der Leyen told the Salzburger Nachrichten. “Oberoesterreichische Nachrichten”.

“We want to maintain our prosperity, but no longer at the expense of our planet and future generations, and, moreover, we Europeans have the innovative companies and the research landscape to prove that it is possible to healthier growth“, He points out, while expressing satisfaction with the high Austrian targets for the expansion of Renewable Energy Sources.

The European Union will proceed “very carefully” and “climate change will only succeed if we combine the market economy mechanisms with the right social balanceHe notes.

Stating optimistic that its planned pricing CO2 will not hurt European companies in global competition, the conservative politician – who comes from the Christian Democrats of German Chancellor Angela Merkel – emphasizes her certainty that in the medium term Europe will expands its strong position in the world market and at the same time will do the right thing for the climate – moreover, emissions have already been reduced by 25% since 1990, while the economy has grown by 60%.

Despite the (unique) “no” from the EU Budget Commissioner, the Austrian Johannes Khan, in the EU climate package, the President of the European Commission considers that she has the whole College of Commissioners behind her and points out that in addition to the European “Green Agreement” there is “extremely strong democratic legitimacy“, With the decisions of the European Council and the European Parliament.

It is noteworthy that in Austria in the previous days there was a confrontation and friction between the two partners of the ruling coalition, the conservative People’s Party of Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz and Greens of Vice-Chancellor Werner Kogler.

The reason was the mandate of the Minister of Environment from the Greens Leonore Gevezler, which, clarifying that there is no “healthy economic activity on a sick planet”, called for there to be, by autumn, evaluation of the new projects of the Austrian motorway management company “ASFINAG”.

The incident then provoked strong reactions from the Austrian L κραnder ruled by the People’s Party, with Federal Chancellor and People’s Party leader Sebastian Kurtz saying that “the waiver of mobility and private transport will not work”. he is not of the opinion “that our course should be the return to the Stone Age”.

Commenting on this statement by Sebastian Kurtz, the parliamentary representative of the Greens Sigrid Mauer He pointed out that “anyone who believes that he can deal with the climate crisis without changing anything, he lives in the Stone Age”, while, for his part, the vice-chancellor and leader of the Greens Werner Kogler attributed to the chancellor “outdated thought and politics”.

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