Von Der Layen: David Sassolli was a visionary who helped us progress in the EU

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The President of the Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, describes David Sassoli as a man with a vision and a shaper. Quoting her own words about the values ​​and ideals of the EU and looking back on their joint visit to the former concentration camp in Fossoli, Italy, Ms. Von der Layen bids farewell to her friend, a “good man”, but also to the “good president “,” Il Presidente Buono “, as he characteristically notes in Italian.

“The white rose meant a lot to David. As a young student in Rome, he led a group of young people called” La Rosa Bianca “(the White Rose), in memory of the brave young Germans who fought against the Nazis. People like them were role models. “For David Maria Sassoli,” said von der Leyen.

He added: “Their values ​​were his values. Antifascism, Democracy, Respect for human dignity. And David fought for these values ​​all his life. In his first speech as President of this Parliament, he spoke of the White Rose:

“And I quote: ‘The European Union is not an accident in history. Our story is based on Sophie and Hans Sol’s desire for freedom, their pain and their desire for brotherhood. “We are not an accident in history, but the children and grandchildren of the people who found the antidote to nationalism.”

“Indeed, we are the children and grandchildren of this White Rose. It also shows what Europe meant to David Sassoli.”

Ursula von der Leyen emphasizes that David Sassoli believed that the Union of European Nations is the answer to centuries of war on the European continent and added that she believed in the responsibility of Europeans to be faithful to their history.

Ursula von der Leyen also referred to their joint visit to the former concentration camp in Fossoli, Italy, noting that during the memorial service for the victims, David Sassoli broke the protocol and shook her hand while talking about David. Maria Touroldo, a Catholic monk who had joined the Resistance, who “turned the concentration camp into a refuge for war orphans” and from whom David Maria Sassoli took his name.

The President of the European Commission speaks of a man with a passion for Europe and democracy, who “fought so hard to treat immigrants with dignity and solidarity and to always put human life first”, while advocating “the freedom of everyone to love whoever he wants “.

“David was never satisfied with Europe as it is. He wanted Europe to fight for more, to get closer to the dream of our founders. David was a man of vision. A dreamer and a shaper. And he made our Union so progressive. When the pandemic struck, David dared to make unprecedented decisions to keep our democracy afloat. “Because you are the voice of the people of Europe,” said von der Leyen.

Finally, he notes: “We will miss him a lot. After all our meetings, whenever we said goodbye, David always said to me in French: ‘Good courage.’ Today I would like to say goodbye to him in Italian, ‘Buona strada, Davide E viva l’Europa “”.



Source From: Capital

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