Von Der Leyen for Belarus: No one’s life should be endangered for political purposes

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«No one’s life should be in danger for political purposes, that is why I am convinced that the Council will give a strong and united response to this behavior which must stop “, stressed the President of the Commission Ursula von der Leyen, referred to in situation on the border between Belarus and Poland. “What we observe at the border, we consider hybrid attack from BelarusHe said characteristically.

Coming to the Summit, the President of the Commission also spoke about the issue of energy and state of justice in Poland.

“As regards the rule of law in Poland, I spoke in detail two days ago in the European Parliament. The question is independence of the judiciary in Poland. “It is not something new, it is an ongoing process, but with the new decision of the Constitutional Court, it has taken on a new dimension,” said Ursula von der Leyen. “I look forward to discussing with the leaders. “We must all take responsibility when it comes to protecting our fundamental values,” he said.

The President of the Commission pointed out that “the second issue is energy prices. THE European Commission and Member States are working hard to help citizens deal with it. As a Commission we have decided one a series of measures concerning energy prices, electricity prices to support consumers. “

He added that “in the medium and long term it is clear that the strategy should be massive investment in clean and renewable energy.”

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