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Waack: Constant fighting stresses volunteers and command

It is valid to compare what is happening in Rio Grande do Sul with a war, especially when considering two fundamental elements in any fighting army: the contingent and the command. On these two points, this unparalleled tragedy demands enormous care.

Starting with the contingent working on the front line, it is estimated that a large proportion of people helping are volunteers with enormous willingness, willingness and spirit of sacrifice. Many haven't eaten properly, haven't rested properly for days, while the rain doesn't stop and the rivers continue to rise.

The other item that needs to be looked at carefully is the command. Especially small cities are far from being able to provide answers to the humanitarian, supply, infrastructure, finance, health and public security crises.

Experts warn that the issue, at the moment, is no longer knowing how much money will be released when, but how to get the right help at the right time to the right place.

Difficulties are not the fault of one or another individual or politician, no matter what position they occupy. It is a governmental, bureaucratic and institutional structure that clearly does not adapt to the size, urgency and severity of the catastrophe.

And we are still only in the first phase of an event of this type, which is getting out of the eye of the hurricane. What lies ahead will be even more difficult.

And it doesn't hurt to repeat: the struggle of the Gauchos belongs to all of us Brazilians.

Source: CNN Brasil

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