Waack: In a month the Ukrainians will have superior weapons than the Russians have

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United States and Germany decided to send their main war tanks to Ukraine to face the Russian invasion. And, in less than a month, the Ukrainians will have more heavy weapons available than the Russians have.

The idea is to give Ukraine the necessary military power not only to resist the Russian invasion, but to reconquer the territories occupied by the Russians.

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In other words, the deployment of heavy combat tanks indicates that the western military alliance (NATO) believes that Ukraine will be able to decide the war through large-scale military operations.

For military maneuvers of this type – major offensives – tanks are still considered an essential weapon, even though the Russians lost huge numbers of them in their attacks.

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One by one, western countries have lifted restrictions on the supply of heavy weapons to Ukrainians – now only attack planes and long-range artillery are missing.

Of course, the new equipment means a significant escalation of the war. But two factors seem to have convinced the Western alliance to decisively help Ukraine. Time works in favor of Russia – which is preparing for its side for a major offensive – and would not make use of tactical nuclear weapons, even suffering a decisive defeat on the battlefield.

Source: CNN Brasil

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