Waack: Latin America is a huge region with huge contrasts

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Latin America is an immense region with enormous contrasts. Social, economic, political.

One of the greatest Latin American contrasts is the grandiloquence of its leaders when describing dreams. Compared to what actually ends up being accomplished. It is almost a saga, perhaps of the consecrated Latin American literary genre, that of fantastic realism. In Buenos Aires, Argentina, we are witnessing another chapter in this saga.

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The main actors today were the presidents of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) and of Argentina, Alberto Fernández. They reiterated the dream of integration. From the formation of a block. Coordination between governments that think they can only do this if the neighbor is of the same ideological tendency.

The moment of fantastic realism in Buenos Aires is the meeting of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC). Celac was created to be a club that the United States and Canada, rich countries that are seen as obstacles to the dreams of the poor, do not enter.

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There was talk today in Buenos Aires of resurrecting Unasur, a South American union that never worked. And in finding mechanisms to implement trade without going through the dollar.

Populism is a worldwide phenomenon, although one cannot criticize anyone who thinks it is a Latin American invention. In the immense Latin American region, this phenomenon has the durability comparable to that of a law of history.

Which perhaps helps to understand how Buenos Aires became the capital of the only country in the world that was rich and became poor.

Source: CNN Brasil

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