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Waack: South America is experiencing confusion

Waack: South America is experiencing confusion

President Lula (PT) said, this Tuesday (21), two accurate sentences about the political situation in South America. The first sentence well delivered by Lula was the following: I don’t have to like the president of Argentina.

Without a doubt, you don’t have to like it. Argentina is our most important neighbor and period, it doesn’t matter who is in Casa Rosada, this will be no different.

In fact, foreign policy made on the basis of personal friendships forged in the same ideological camp only tends to go wrong.

It’s a shame that Lula didn’t remember this phrase – which is a principle – before the Argentine elections, which elected a politician who doesn’t like Lula at all, and who Lula made every effort to ensure he didn’t win the elections.

Lula’s second good sentence today about South America was the following: we are experiencing some confusion and we are going to have political problems.

Leading South America was one of Lula’s declared objectives as soon as he took office and when he tried to resuscitate bodies that were already moribund, such as Unasur.

Even before Milei’s election, this leadership project was shaken. In fact, it is difficult to find a period in history in which the countries of South America were so out of step with each other, as is the case now.

And you have to go very far back in history to remember when Brazil, a neighbor of almost everyone, was a kind of “natural leader” and when almost everyone’s governments were always concerned about what was said in Brasília.

Source: CNN Brasil