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Waack: There are no signs that the tragedy in Gaza will stop

The scenes in Gaza are horrific. People are dying in line for food delivery.

According to Hamas, they were killed by shots fired by Israeli soldiers.

On the other hand, the Israeli Army claims that the victims were run over by food trucks when the queue turned into chaos, admitting to having fired shots.

The United States demanded explanations from the Israeli government, which is now the heart of the issue.

The Israeli government refuses to admit interference from anyone in what it considers its right to act militarily in defense.

This military operation in Gaza, and its devastating toll on civilian lives, destroyed much of the international support for Israel. Furthermore, Israel opposes a plan to establish a Palestinian state in the region, a formula that currently has broad international support, including from Israel's unconditional allies, such as the United States.

In other words, what Israel considers its legitimate right of defense is what is costing it international legitimacy. Two aspects are central to this serious and apparently unresolvable situation.

The first is the fact that the United States is unable to get Israel to accept what Washington also considers essential at the moment, which is a ceasefire.

And the Israeli government, heavily criticized abroad and knowing that it is unlikely to survive an election, wants to obtain a solution to a fundamentally political issue from a military operation.

There are no signs that the tragedy will stop, or even improve.

Source: CNN Brasil

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