Waack: What seems essential at the moment is trying to regain respect

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Lula is expressing his distrust of the military one day, another day too.

While looking for a way to recover a minimum of mutual respect between the president and some of the main military commanders.

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Judging by the investigation work of our colleague Caio Junqueira, Lula would not need to worry that much.

For if it is a fact that, yes, that in circles close to Jair Bolsonaro, formulas were examined to reverse the result of the last elections – with the participation of at least one reserve general, his candidate for vice president – ​​the posture of the high command of the army was unequivocal. In defense of legality.

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Those around Lula seem to consider soldiers in uniform around him as a kind of risk to the president’s own security.

And it is implementing a protection scheme now based on the Federal Police.

The formula that seeks to apply to establish bridges between the president and the military involves discussing practical aspects of modernization – ie equipment – ​​of the three Armed Forces.

Peacemaking is, in fact, a necessary condition for, say, a “re-engagement” between civil and military power. But it’s not enough.

What seems essential, at the moment, is trying to regain respect, side by side.

Source: CNN Brasil

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