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Wait… what?! The mother of the Mars is an influencer and gives advice to young people

Mars Aguirre rose to fame for expressing his point of view on the educational system in Mexico. He subsequently dabbled in OnlyFans and now has a podcast in which he surprised his followers with a shocking revelation.

In the chapter released on August 16, Mars revealed to his more than 200 thousand followers the identity of his mother, who is nothing more and nothing less than the tiktoker @tipsdemamawho has also generated controversy for giving peculiar advice to young people.

On his YouTube channel, Mars conducts interviews with viral internet characters and this time he surprised everyone by revealing the identity of his mother, who curiously is the tiktoker Known as The Mom of the Internet for sharing advice to her more than two million followers.

Mars questioned his mother about whether he had needed a scolding or blow after the scandal he was involved in and the answer he got surprised everyone on the internet.

The truth is you were always very responsible, within your disaster you took responsibility for everything, you accepted everything as it came and maybe you rolled around in your bed and everything, but yes.


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♬ original sound – Tips from mom

One of the most controversial moments in the interview was when Mars’ mother claimed that her daughter was too creative for the Mexican educational system.

I know it’s not because of a donkey, I know it’s not because you can’t with school, it’s because you can’t beat the system, your mind went much further. If I keep leaving her, she’s going to suffer and you were already suffering, she has a lot of creativity, she has more to give and the teachers weren’t giving you that.

Despite the controversy, the moment was interrupted when Mars publicly stated that her mother’s opinion is paramount to her.


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♬ original sound – Tips from mom

Mars’s mom has a TikTok account called @tipsdemama_ and adds more than two million followers, among which are several young people from generation Z.

The woman has become famous for sharing advice to young people and answering some questions for parents.

Source: Okchicas

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