Wallet woke up with 2.2 thousand BTC after 8 years of silence

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An undisclosed crypto investor withdrew 2.2 thousand bitcoins from a wallet that had been inactive for eight years. The crypto investor bought the cryptocurrency in October 2013, when it was valued at around $ 150 per coin. The purchase of 2.2 thousand bitcoins cost him about $ 330 thousand. At the time of the withdrawal of the cryptocurrency (21:32 Moscow time on November 10), its cost was $ 149.6 million. Over eight years, the investments of the crypto investor increased by 45 233%, writes RBC Crypto.

In September, another holder withdrew 400 bitcoins from his wallet, which had been stored on it since 2012. For nine years, the cryptocurrency has risen in price 4 thousand times, the invested amount of $ 4.3 thousand increased to $ 17.4 million at the time of withdrawal.

On October 11, Bitcoin is traded at $ 65.3 thousand. Over the course of the day, the cryptocurrency has fallen in price by 4%. At night, the coin rate dropped to $ 62.8 thousand amid correction in financial markets. On October 10, Bitcoin hit its all-time high at $ 69,000.

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