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Wanessa Camargo meets dancer who “didn’t look her in the face” on BBB 24

Wanessa Camargo met again Monique Soares one of his dancers, who performed at one of the festivals BBB 24 and shocked the singer by not looking her in the face while in confinement.

Already preparing to return to the stage, the ex-BBB shared a little behind the scenes of her rehearsal, in which she played with the dancer.

“I thought she had abandoned me. She didn’t look at my face!”, said the artist jokingly, referring to the day Monique performed with Gloria Groove on the reality show.

At the time, Wanessa showed a lot of insecurity when she realized that people who were part of her team and were at the presentation did not look her in the face. In the player's mind, this symbolized her cancellation in the outside world.

However, in response to the singer, Monique Soares assured that she did not do anything wrong. “I couldn’t stop, I was working”, explained the dancer.

Source: CNN Brasil

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