War in Ukraine: Attack with phosphorus bombs in Fidonisi denounces Kyiv

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Kyiv accuses Russia of brutal practices in Ukraine warwhile emphasizing that the Russian army used bombs of phosphorus in Fidonisi, with the aim of recapturing the area.

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“Around 18.00 (local time) the Russian armed forces carried out two air strikes with phosphorus bombs in Fidonisi” the Ukrainian commander said via Telegram Valery Zaluznyaccusing Moscow of “not even respecting its own announcements.”

Yesterday, the Russian military said it was withdrawing from the islet “as a sign of goodwill” after achieving the “goals” it had set there.

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“The only thing the enemy is consistent about is the ‘accuracy’ of his hits,” Zaluzny quipped.

It is noted that phosphorus bombs are incendiary weapons prohibited for use against civilian targetsbut not against military personnel, based on a convention signed in Geneva in 1980. Kyiv accuses Moscow of having used them several times in recent months against civilians, which the Russian military categorically denies.

Source: News Beast

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