War in Ukraine: Baltic states call on Germany to send Leopards to Kyiv immediately

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Call on Germany to immediately deliver Leopard heavy tanks to Ukraine the foreign ministers of the three Baltic countries (Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania) addressed.

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“We the foreign ministers of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania, we ask Germany to provide Leopard tanks to Ukraine from now onLatvian Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkevics said on Twitter.

“This is necessary to stop Russian aggression, help Ukraine and quickly restore peace in Europe”he added, emphasizing how “Germany, as the first European power, has a special responsibility in this regard.”

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Ukraine’s allies, who met on Friday in Ramstein, Germany, announced new major arms deliveries to that country.

However they failed to agree on the delivery of heavy tanksdashing Kiev’s hopes of requesting them immediately, but will now have to wait for further discussions and a green light from Germany.

Source: News Beast

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