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War in Ukraine – Boris Johnson: Something positive will come of it, we won’t be vulnerable to blackmail

For war in Ukraine that continues, the British Prime Minister spoke on Thursday (1/9). Boris Johnson pointing out that “something positive will come out of him”.

Weaning off Russian energy imports would be a positive outcome of the war in Ukraine as Western countries seek to limit purchases of Russian productshe characteristically stated.

“Out of this disaster, out of Putin’s war, I think something good will come out, that Europe will be independent of Russian hydrocarbons,” Johnson stressed, speaking from the site of a nuclear power plant in eastern England.

We will no longer be dependent, we will not be vulnerable to his blackmail in this country as well we will have greatly accelerated long-overdue reforms and taken steps to become energy independent, and in particular, correcting the damage we have done to our nuclear industry,” said the British prime minister, as reported by the Athens News Agency.

He noted that there will be “greater cash support” from the government to manage the cost of living crisis that is putting pressure on households and businesses.

“We are helping citizens with the cost of living and of course there will be more liquidity, whoever succeeds me, from the next few months,” the British prime minister told reporters.

Source: News Beast

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