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War in Ukraine: Explosions near a military airport in Crimea

New explosions shocked tonight (19/8) the Crimeathe Ukrainian peninsula annexed in 2014 by Russiaas the escalation of attacks in the area.

As reported by the Reuters agency citing imgs of the Russian administration in the region, at least four explosions were heard from the area where the Belbek military airport is located, north of Sevastopol.

There were reportedly at least 40 Russian fighter jets at the airport at the time of the explosions, according to Ukrainian media.

It is recalled that Ukraine had threatened yesterday Wednesday to demolish the Kerch bridge, which was built by Moscow to connect Russia with the Crimean peninsula, where in recent days there have been several explosions at Russian military bases.

As the Ukrainian media reports, air raid sirens are heard in Kerch and they report that there are also explosions there.

Earlier today, two Russian villages near the border with Ukraine were evacuated after a fire broke out at an ammunition depot.

“An ammunition depot caught fire near the village of Timonovo” (which is less than 50 kilometers from the Ukrainian border) in Belgorod province, regional governor Vyacheslav Gladkov said.

There were no casualties, but for precautionary reasons the residents of Timonovo and the neighboring village of Soloti were “moved to a safe distance”, according to Gladkov, who added that the causes of the fire are being investigated.

At the same time, according to Ukrainian media, citing videos circulating on various social media platforms, explosions are also heard in another part of the city of Belgorod. More specifically, a fire has broken out on the runway of the Stari Oskol military airport.

The Ukrainians, it should be noted, had warned the Russian forces that they would react and would not leave unanswered the deadly strike with a “Kalibr” missile on a residential area in the city of Kharkiv that caused the death and injuries of many civilians.

Source: News Beast

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