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War in Ukraine: Fierce fighting for the center of Bakhmut, “difficult” situation

Ukrainian forces are facing constant Russian attacks in Bakhmut in the Donetsk region of eastern Ukraine, with both sides suffering significant losses. The situation in the almost deserted city is difficult, Colonel Oleksandr Syrsky, head of Ukraine’s ground forces, said today, but added that his forces were repelling all Russian attacks.

“All the enemy’s attempts to capture the city are repulsed by artillery, tanks and other means,” Sirsky pointed out.

The colonel added that the Russian mercenary group Wagner “is attacking from various sides trying to break the defense of our forces and advance towards the central districts of the city.”

Ukrainian forces control western Bakhmut, while Wagner controls the eastern part, with the Bakhmutka River forming the front line.

The founder of Wagner Yevgeny Prigozhin admitted yesterday Sunday that the situation in the city is “difficult, very difficult”, as reported by international agencies and relayed by the Athens News Agency.

“The closer we are to the city center, the fiercer the fighting (…) The Ukrainians are constantly sending in reinforcements. But we are moving forward and we will move forward,” he emphasized.

Prigozhin also noted that Russia has sent ammunition to his forces.

“Yesterday we received 15 trucks, today 12. And I believe we will continue to receive,” he said, adding that there is no conflict between his forces and Russian troops.

For his part, the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky said late Sunday that more than 1,100 Russian soldiers had been killed in Bakhmut in recent days.

“In less than a week, starting on March 6, we managed to kill more than 1,100 enemy soldiers in Bakhmut alone, an irreparable loss for Russia,” he said.

He also added that Russian forces suffered 1,500 “health casualties”, that is, soldiers who have been seriously injured and are no longer able to fight.

Russia’s Defense Ministry had indicated earlier yesterday that more than 220 Ukrainians soldiers had been killed in the previous 24 hours in Donetsk.

Prigozhin stated that Wagner “will begin the reboot” and begin recruiting new fighters after the capture of Bakhmut. Wagner has opened recruiting centers in 42 cities.

Source: News Beast

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